Lakes & Rivers

Freshwater Pleasures to Suit Every Aquatic Activity

Visitors to Citrus County delight in the wide variety of activities found on the area’s beautiful lakes and gentle rivers.

Our Lakes
Lakes in Citrus County can be small enough to swim across or large enough to support power boats, water skiing and even sailing. There are six lakes in Citrus County large enough to be named and associated with boat launch ramps, fish camps and other amenities.

The lakes are:

  • Big Lake Henderson

  • Little Lake Henderson

  • Lake Holathlikaha

  • Lake Rousseau

  • Tsala Apopka Lake Chain

  • Lake Hernando

Of all the lakes, the Tsala Apopka Lake Chain near Inverness is the largest. This is the lake that once yielded the biggest largemouth bass caught in Florida! Names that sound strange to a visitor usually have their origin in Native American place names. Citrus County was a prehistoric seasonal gathering place where many tribes met in peace to exchange goods and enjoy the area just as our tourists do today.

Our Rivers
Seven major rivers flow through Citrus County, including Crystal River, Homosassa River, Hall’s River, Chassahowitzka River, Withlacoochee River, St. Martins River and Salt River. The Crystal, Homosassa, Chassahowitzka and Withlacoochee River systems have all been recognized as “Outstanding Florida Waters” by the State of Florida for their natural attributes.

The Withlacoochee traverses several counties and is navigable for approximately 72 miles, making it one of the country’s most pleasant river excursions. Several other rivers are situated along the winding Gulf of Mexico shore and take the traveler through brackish water that hosts large communities of manatees—those very large, gentle marine mammals that can be spotted all year and are especially numerous in the cooler months when they seek out the stable comfort of spring-fed rivers.